Every year, thousands of 5th Avenue Vacation's travelers flock to the beautiful and luxurious Bahamas Celebration cruise ship for a trip to the Bahamas that they will never forget. On board the Bahamas Celebration Cruise Liner, passengers will be able to enjoy gourmet meals in one of many luxurious resteraunts, open buffet's for those who are on the go, numerous themed bars and lounges, a full-service spa, a night club, a casino, sparkling pool and jacuzzi, comfortable rooms, and so much more! 5th Avenue Vacations is proud to have the Bahamas Celebration as it's Bahamas cruise provider. 5th Avenue Vacations and Bahamas Celebration take the upmost pride in creating an unforgettable trip for each and every traveler. The reviews on 5th Avenue Vacations and Bahamas Celebration speak for themselves! Bahamas Celebration has an excellent TripAdvisor and CruiseCritic rating based on hundreds of reviews. 5th Avenue Vacations has had tremendous support from traveler's who were lucky enough to win one of their cruises and take the cruise of their life. Here are some reviews from actual 5th Avenue Vacations traveler's... "My husband & I just got back a couple weeks ago and it really is a great deal. The hotel reminded us more of European Chalet with a cute little bar & restaurant than the Bahamas or the Caribbean, I guess because the owners are from Europe. It’s not a real fancy place, but, it was spotless clean & the staff was just amazing. The cruise is short only about 6-7 hours and there was so much to do, it went by really fast." "i know it does sound to good to be true, but it really is good. i went about a year ago. actually my mother won & gave it to me. the bell channel is a really cute hotel and i have stayed anywhere that the people who work were so happy all the time and so nice. they never said anything about timeshare to us. My biggest disbelief was when they said “Free Drinks” on the ship & I was shocked to find out, they give free drinks, you have to just order a rum & coke if you order “top shelf” liquor there is a charge but regular rum is actually free. If we go again, the only thing I would change is to get the upgrade dinner on the ship. The hotel was decent but nothing fancy. But, we were never there all we did was sleep & shower there. The beaches are so cool and the ocean looks like a big swimming pool. We spent most of our time at the beach and at the straw market, we loved Rum Runners, it reminded me of a Key West bar. We also did this fish fry thing the night we got in, it was very cool kind of a street party in a neighborhood with the locals & types all music coming out of all their cars." Anyone can tell from the reviews that 5th Avenue Vacations is dedicated to providing the aboluste best experience possible to it's travelers. They want only the best for traveler's, and that is why they chose the Bahamas Celebration Cruise Line as it's Bahamas Cruise Provider. If you want an amazing, affordable vacation to the Bahamas, 5th Avenue Vacations is the best way to go. http://www.5thavenuevacations.com